ed on creating high-qual

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ion, Wang ▓said.At the same time, more resources will be devoted to technologies th

ity talent and techn

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at can help reform China's manufactur▓ing industries and improve people's livelihoods,

ologies to lead in

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such▓ as artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, cloud compu▓ting, clean energy, biology and me

dustrial and economi

c growth.Wang said the four main challenges for China's scientific and technologica▓l innovation are the inability to sol
ve key problems in co▓re technologies; a lack of research direction in frontier sciences; a lack of mechani
sms to organize innovation resources from companies and the public sector; and▓ a lack of globally influential industrial
standards▓ set by China.Therefore, the government needs to provide consistent and lasting strategic planning, policy and l


ing, an international science organization, said: "Chinese scientists have been essential in creating many technologies that we have taken for granted."▓The Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as other Ch▓inese research institutions, have been a driving force▓ for significant technological advancement in the wor▓ld. These achievements will continue to expand our u▓nderstanding of

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